Sunscreen Lotion for Face by MD Factor

Sunscreen Lotion to Prevent Sun-Damaged Skin

Importance of effective sunscreen cannot be overemphasized. MD sunscreens are formulated to protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet A, B and C. By using physical blocks made up of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide of various particle sizes, you can protect your skin more effectively compared with sunscreen using same particle sizes. Ultraviolet (UV) rays that can cause sunburn, dark spots, wrinkles and premature skin aging. MD sunscreen lotions are suitable to protect against sun-damaged skin while infused vitamins and anti-aging ingredients work to nourish your skin. Our oil free formulation with light tent is suitable for light to olive skin. Apply in the morning for a flawless finish while providing protection.

For best protection, we recommend first applying MD SPF 58 Mineral block followed by either SPF 35 Flawless Factor or SPF 50 Mineral Block for additional coverage. Flawless Factor will give better coverage for blemished skin and contains arbutin to correct discoloration. SPF 50 Mineral Block is water and smudge proof. Perfect for men or athletes during exercise. Our high content of zinc oxide will instantly sooth sensitive skin and protects without oily build up. Enjoy MD sunscreen options and make it part of your skin wellness routine.

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