MD Ultimate Anti Aging Mineral Block
MD Ultimate Anti Aging Mineral Block
MD Ultimate Mineral Block contains natural UV blocking minerals, titanium oxide and zinc oxide. We added vitamin E and anti-oxidants to help absorb free radicals from sun exposure. Safe for all skin types including sensitive skin. Apply alone or under make up for best results.
"I have been using this product for a few months and I love the result. I'll defiantly buy it again. great Product!!"  - Rebecca
Net Content: 1.3 fl oz e / 50ml
Active Ingredients: Titanium Oxide, Zinc Oxide
Product Details

MD Ultimate Anti-Aging Mineral Block

The MD Ultimate Mineral Block is made up of zinc oxide, natural UV blocking minerals and titanium oxide. We included antioxidants and Vitamin E to aid the absorption of free radical from sun exposure. It is suitable for all skin types and can be applied alone or under make-up. By using different particle sizes, this physical block works by creating a physical shield from sun’s aging UV rays much better than other physical blocks using same particle sizes.

Directions: Rub a thin even layer on face completely and uniformly before exposure, and reapply every 2-3 hours or after swimming or excessive sweating.



MD Ultimate Anti-Aging Mineral Block Ingredients

Key Ingredients:
Titanium Oxide titanium-dioxide.jpg
Zinc Oxide zinc-oxide.jpg
Why these ingredients?
  • Prevents sunburn and early signs of aging.
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