Lash Growth

fuller, denser

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Lashes not only protect your eyes from dust in the air, it also adds dimension and flair to your eyes. Unlike other lash growth conditioners, our award winning formula has been ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested to be safe for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes. MD Lash Factor works! Our unique patented molecule was tested extensively with the safety result published in a peer reviewed science publication, Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy in May 2008. For over 12 years, over one million users around the world have used MD Lash Factor to make their lashes look longer, fuller and denser.

It is time to improve the appearance of your lash and brows with MD Lash Factor eyelash conditioner. To do so you simply apply nightly with our precision brush to the base of your upper lashes. When used with regular basis, MD Lash Factor, your lashes and brows will reach their fullest potential

Grow Healthier and Longer Looking Lashes

Who would not want gorgeous natural looking set of eyelashes without using extensions or layers and layers of mascara? Unfortunately, most of us are either not born with long full lashes or we loss our lashes as we age. Until genetic engineering offers a treatment to grow longer and healthier lashes from with in, you can use eyelash serums to get longer and fuller lashes. MD Lash Factor eyelash serum is clinically tested with unique patented molecule to help your lashes look denser, longer and younger so you can have the lashes you have always wanted. It was developed by Dr. Susan F. Lin who has written the chapter: Eyelashes: Anatomy and Conditioners for Increasing Length and Fullness/Thickness in the Ninth Edition of Harry’s Cosmeticology, the most popular cosmetic technical book of all time with over 150 international experts in essential fundamentals, advanced and frontier areas of cosmetics and personal care science and technology.

By using quality ingredients that deliver nourishment to your lashes, you can get achieve beautiful aesthetic results with every day use. Next time, don’t waste money with lash extensions that can damage your lashes or lash growth serums that have not published their safety testing in science journals. Instead use MD Lash Factor to help you feel and look younger with a natural set of longer and fuller looking lashes.

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