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MD offers a wide range of hair care products because hair loss is often due to multiple factors not solved with single hair growth vitamins or hair growth products. MD’s full line of healthy hair products works by addressing main causes of hair loss and to work with natural hair growth cycles. MD Hair line includes: MD Nutri Hair, Revitalizing Shampoo, Revitalizing Conditioner, Scalp Essential, Follicle Energizer, Follicle Activator, Color Restoration and Hair Building Fibers.

Made from nature inspired high quality ingredients to block DHT, counter hormonal imbalance, and address environmental and aging factors. Use regularly with natural growth cycle of hair, you can see healthier and denser hair in few months and best result after one year. Stay tune for our newest hair products with hemp derived Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and hair restoration ingredient Anagain. These new shampoo, serum and masks are designed to sooth and nourish your scalp and restore balance needed for healthy hair growth. You will get shinning soft hair instantly and with regular usage fuller looking hair. At MD we ensure science meets wellness and beauty to address your hair and scalp issues.

Buy Hair Care Products for All Hair Types

From the maker of beautiful lashes, we at MD have spent years to develop advance science for healthy hair. For all hair types and all ages, MD Hair starts with nutrition within to nourish hair follicles. Add serum to balance scalp environment and shampoo and conditioners to address over treated hair. If you are suffering from hair loss and are unsatisfied with hair growth vitamins or hair growth products that only offer partial solution, we encourage you to add MD Hair to your regimen. Hair loss is a serious issue. It is best to address thinning hair before it gets too late.

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