MD Intimate Restore

  • Feminine skin can change from stress, childbirth, aging, over usage and medications.
  • The skin in our intimate areas also become thinner, dryer, and less sensitive.

MD Nutri Hair

  • Lilac Extract from innovative plant stem cell technology provides optimal potency and purity.
  • Use alone or in combination with your current hair care regimen for fuller and healthier-looking hair.
  • 100% drug and hormone free.
  • Suitable for both men and women who desire beautiful, healthy and younger-looking hair.


Intimate Restore

So far, so good. I am starting to feel a noticeable difference in my desire to want to engage in sexual activity again!!!! I am 49 yrs. old and….Yippie <NOT>…I am one of the unfortunate women who got a head start on menopause!!! I have had symptoms for almost 3 YRS. now and it is NO FUN!! Aside from all the other lovely things, such as hot flashes, crabbiness and fatigue, my sexual desire took a nose dive to nowheresville :( I tried several supplement pills but all of those were a joke & I feel, a scam!! I have always enjoyed a great sex life with my husband and there is nothing worse than loving your husband but having NO sexual desire at all due to hormonal changes and Yes, a woman does get feelings of being undesirable and worries about the changes to her body, including the vaginal area. It’s not fun to talk about but it’s there whether you like it or not! Anyway, I saw this and thought,” What the heck? It sure can’t hurt!” The directions say to apply 1 pump to the external area of the vulvar & clitoral region. It doesn’t state how many times a day but I have done it twice a day (morning & evening after my bath). It doesn’t have any scent that I can detect and it’s kind of thin in consistency but not runny & it also has no stickiness to it either. It says you should notice renewed comfort & heightened pleasure within a few days.

I HAVE-I have used it for only 2 days so I can only imagine how much better I will feel after a full week!!!! I will say that at least so far, comfort has not been the issue with me (Yet), just not feeling sexual or sexy has been. And I can’t explain ‘how’ this works but for me, it HAS and I’m not going to complain 1 bit!!!! All I can say is TY and if you sound similar to me, give it a shot!!

Especially if nothing else has worked. I will most def. have to stock up on this miracle in a bottle and I would totally recommend this for any woman!!! *

Yes, it worked. I am so happy about this product. I was a little Leary to try this product but at the same time, I was desperate to try something to help me. I have used this product for a week now and yes, it does help. I am now moist and I do not have painful intercourse due to drying out. This product does what it says it will do by restoring your vaginal moistness and giving you back the sensitivity that you used to have during intimacy. This product had no odor at all and arrived quickly after ordering. I will buy this MD Intimate Restore when this bottle runs outs! I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review and this product honestly worked for me.

I’m 42 and premenopausal so I have bunch of hormonal issues going on that come & go. I got this because I’m starting to suffer from dryness & we’ve had to start using a lubricant. This is blessing only after one use, it started to work. After I applied it about 10 minutes later I started feeling aroused (which I haven’t felt in awhile) needless to say my boyfriend that I had a very enjoyable evening without any issues. It really is fast acting and I like that it’s drug free. I can’t wait to see with long term use the added benefit of youthful looking skin. I don’t have any cons to state about this magical product, I highly recommend for every woman.

I ordered this product for my wife, who asked me to get it for her after reading the reviews. She is almost 43, and has not yet experienced menopause, but feels that she is in the beginning phase.

She is a bit depressed over this, and receiving this product has boosted her a bit mentally. Also, we read together some of the reviews, and that also gave her some hope since they were all very positive. She related with a few of them, and overall this product has done its job already psychologically.

So far, she feels like it has also helped her physically, and hopefully will continue to do so Intimate Restore Reviews/Amazon

I was leery about this product and honestly didn’t think it would work. But, it does! The only negative thing I have to say about this product is that it doesn’t give any directions about how many times a day it needs to be used. I used it once a day and had great results.

This product performs as claimed and is very effective. After using approximately ten days, there was a noticeable positive difference. The container is easy to use & the product is applied externally. The product isn’t really pleasant smelling, but scent seems to dissipate quickly & isn’t offensive.

After having a baby, I dried up and this item has fixed me. Sex is no longer painful. It has seemed to balance my pH. It’s odorless. The lubricant comes out of bottle easy.

I have always had generalized lubrication issues, and now as all my lower parts are beginning their gradual shutdown, this seemed like a nice product to try.

I used this product for over 10 days, before writing this review. First of all, it is not a pleasant smelling product. There are obviously no added scents to make this smell better, which is probably best. Luckily, you only use one small pump, and then it is gone.

This does not affect your personal scent. You only apply one pump per day, this is a small amount, but it definitely works! I noticed increased general lubrication after day two. After a week, I felt that I did not need to apply it every day, and used it every other day. It worked for what it is created for, and I can see this being a product that I would likely use often my age increases. It cut down on my everyday discomfort.

Nutri Hair

This product is amazing. I have tried a few other hair growth products before and noticed a slight difference but this one really works. It is a small pill, easy to swallow, does not taste bad. I found with some pills they smell and or taste really funny. This one doesn’t. It is almost a pleasant experience to take every day. I have defiantly noticed a difference in my hair thickness. it feels fuller, and healthier. I really enjoy that. I noticed its growing faster as well. My nails are growing faster as well too which is not what I wanted but I figure women may enjoy that. I have not noticed fast hair growth in other areas so I dont think this actually makes me grow new hair, I think its just making my head hair grow faster and thicker. I recommend taking these pills with a meal. I forgot to one time and i had a little indigestion but no big deal. Some supplements I have taken have made me very sick to my stomach but this one just made me have a bout of heart burn. I would recommend this product to any friends or family that want to grow thicker longer hair

I am a female and am not necessarily losing my hair but have noticed my hair is getting thinner as I grow older. I started using this about 15-16 days ago and so far I think my hair feels thicker. Most of these type of products take a few weeks, sometimes a few months, to notice a change.

The one major thing I do have to say is that these pills are the perfect size. I am one who hate taking horse pills because they are huge and seem to get caught in my throat. I wanted to try this product because after having a baby my hair had some breakage and was shorter than the other pieces of my hair. I wanted to try this product to grow out my hair.

I purchased this because my daughter has very thin hair and being a teenager I want her to look and feel her best, I do not want her to be the subject of unnecessary bullying at school so I do everything I can do to make her feel as confident as possible and this is one of the ways I do that. It has worked really well in strengthening her hair and making her hair nice and thick and shiny. It is just a great product to use to make her confidence go through the roof.
Her hair is now very strong and able to withstand heat damage too. It is a great supplement and it helps your nails also. One of the main ingredients is biotin, which I took when I was pregnant with her so I know that it works. It also makes your skin nice and soft too. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to strengthen their hair and nails it is a great asset to your beauty aresenal.

I did my research on the contained ingredients before I tried this product, and you should do the same. It contains all natural ingredients that individually don’t have any known side effects

The capsules are on the small side which is an added benefit for those who have trouble swallowing pills. This supplement has both Biotin and Collagen — which should not only help with hair, but with skin and nails as well.

Not only has my hair grown, but my nails have too! The texture is so much better, and my nails are stronger. 30 days made a difference for me. This product works. My hair and nails look fantastic.

This product works as advertised. After approximately 1 month of use I have noticed an improvement in hair growth, thickness and density. My hair also feels healthier, softer and less brittle

This box is big compare to the size of the bottle. The pills are small unlike other brands out there with their horse pills. It doesn’t smell bad like the other pills. It works decently.

I have been trying to grow my hair back quickly since last summer, when I made a decision to cut it very short (that I soon regretted). I have tried various Hair skin and nail products, all with Biotin. Biotin is a vitamin that is found in small amounts in numerous foods. It is also used orally for hair loss, brittle nails, skin rash in infants (seborrheic dermatitis), diabetes, and mild depression. All this means that, if you want a supplement for nails, hair, and skin to be effective, it has to have Biotin in it. I really like that this particular product is simply 1 capsule a day – makes it SO much easier to swallow! (

This review is for MD Nutri Hair Growth Supplement with Biotin Capsules-Vitamins Prevent Hair Loss-Promotes Longer Thicker Healthy Hair-Replenishes Skin-Safe Effective All-Natural Formula
I got this product specifically for my father. The pills themselves are tiny. They have no odor or after taste. This product does not show immediate results, but works gradually. You have to give it time to work and he believes that it is working last week and that it will do what its supposed to

This product came professionally packaged and sealed. I wish I would have gotten these sooner. My hair is stronger and healthier and I am noticing less breakage and split ends. I am positive i am even starting to see some new growth starting! I have no complaints. No bad smell or taste. Good average size for supplements.

I saw results quickly. My hair is growing like crazy, it’s so shiny people comment on it all the time, volume has increased. PLEASE KEEP IT IN STOCK. I have three other people using it now too and they love it so far.

Great supplement for your hair. I’ve been using this product for about two weeks. I have naturally very thin and fine hair that I am desperately trying to improve as I age. I don’t think I’ve been using the product quite long enough to tell a difference yet in my hair. However, I can definitely tell a difference in my finger nails. I’m surprised by this as this product seems to have a lower dose of biotin than many other supplements but perhaps it’s the balance of the blend that makes this work. My nails naturally grow pretty fast, but are often thin and break. After two weeks of this supplement, my nails are all one length (which is a rarity for me) and no noticeable weak spots

My husband is at the age where hair loss is slowly becoming more prevalent. Although he is not vain about his looks and accepts that with time these things come naturally, he is still open to natural remedies and is not opposed to something that could improve the way he feels or looks as long as it is low maintenance. This supplement definitely meets those two requirements! MD Nutri Hair requires that you only take one supplement a day and their ingredient list is natural and unintimidating (no ingredients you can’t pronounce and have to look up on google to see if they’re safe). The ingredients are:

Niacin-Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Biotin, Flaxseed Powder, Collagen (Fish), Lignan Powder, Lilac

See? Not scary! In fact, these ingredients are pretty beneficial! So far my husband has not had any adverse side effects. No nausea or other digestive issue and no difficulty consuming the capsules at all. One a day keeps it easy for him to remember not to miss a dosage. I also love that it not only benefits hair, but skin and nails as well. I am excited to see the full effect of the supplement when he is done with the bottle

I hear numerous stories about hair growth products. But since I had my baby, I noticed a huge loss of hair and figured maybe I’ll give it a shot. So I started taking this about a week ago and I already noticed a huge difference. My hair is definitely starting to feel thicker again like in the beginning of my pregnancy. My hair hasn’t grown in length yet but it definitely feels more rich and fuller than last week. I love how quickly this product works and its naturality. There are no chemicals added to this product and its enriched with the vitamins necessary for your hair to grow. I would definitely choose this product over rogaine (since this was my next choice). I will buy this product again (just wish it wasn’t $50 but hey who cares for how great it is) EVERYONE should buy and give it a try.5.0 out of 5 stars

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