What Is Special About MD Capsules?Posted on August 11, 2018

                                                                    What is Special about MD Nutri Hair Capsule?                …

                                                                    What is Special about MD Nutri Hair Capsule?

Vegatable Capsule

                                             When taking supplements, it is important for you to understand the source of the capsules.  Most labels only indicate the contents of the capsules but do you know where the capsules are made from.

Pesticide Free

     Unlike many manufacturers use inexpensive animal derived capsules that are chemically treated.   MD Hair uses plant-based capsules that are derived from pure vegetable source (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose).  It is a GRAS approved ingredient by FDA for usage in food and medicine.  Our capsules are made from cotton and pure water without chemical modifications.  It is stable and protects the contents of our active ingredients to stop hair loss and to  help the growth of healthy hair

MD Nutri Hair Capsule From Cotton

       Because MD Nutri Hair capsule is made only from cotton and water, it is free milk, shellfish, eggs, sugar, alcohol, corn, gluten, rice, Lupin, nuts, MSG, peanut, soybean, wheat, latex, and sulfites.  We focus on delivering pure beneficial ingredients and avoid ingredients that can cause allergies or environmental toxins.   MD Nutri Hair capsules are also designed to release the active ingredient in the small intestine to maximize absorption of the active ingredients.

Nutri Hair Capsule Allergen Free

     MD Nutri Hair Capsules are also certified Non-GMO, free from preservatives, pesticide-free, nut free, gluten free, latex free, molluscs free, sulfites and sulfate free and melamine free, pollen-free, and vegan.   We believe in using the highest quality capsule to safely and effectively deliver the concentrated ingredients formulated for healthy hair growth.  Because the capsules are not made from animal products, proteins and from only natural vegetable origin making it suitable for all people with different religions and diet choices.    


Learn about the new  MD has a Collagen Free MD Nutri Hair made specifically for vegetarians and people who cannot ingest fish collagen due to allergy or religious preferences.    Enjoy the benefits of MD Nutri Hair supplements and understand the high quality of standard we place on the capsules. GMO Free Sugar Freel Gluten Free Lactose Free

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